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Malmo City is the Gate to the Continent

There is third town in Sweden after Stockholm and Goeteborg. Malmo is a historical centre of ship building. In last decade this town has been changed after the big bridge Oresundsbron connected Malmo with Danish capital city Copenhagen.

From Malmo city centre to Copenhagen you can get in 25 minutes. And the traffic of the bridge is so intensive now. Malmo is a progressive city with good environment, that town was awarded two marks “Eco City” and “Fair Trade City”. Malmo many years have belonged to Denmark. Everybody who visits Malmo can notice continental things in local architecture. There on the middle age’s squares Lilla torg and solemn Stora torget are located attractive restaurants, bars, cafes, high fashion shops, design stores, museums and galleries.

Sweden Malmo

In five minutes’ walk from skyscraper “Turning Torso” increased the new city district Vastra Hamnen. That district became too good place for to meeting city guests. Malmo are known as a famous centre of contemporary art. The art gallery Malmo Konsthall is another big exhibition hall.

The musical live of Malmo is so dynamic , you can visit classical music rock and jazz concerts, and join to dancing clubs “Debaser Malmo” and “Kulturbolaget”.

At Malmo in last years was opened many new restaurants. Those restaurants specialize on local and seasons high quality foods. There are in Mollevangen quarter you can try many country’s cuisine which are offered a lot of beautiful restaurants.

Malmo in summer is in first the seaside city with huge beach Ribbersborg in centre of city.

In 30 minutes way from Malmo you can reach Sckone province where are located many historical places and buildings.