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Visit Vietnam and you will never regret it!

Vietnam is one of the most interesting and beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam also as a Thailand is a Buddhist country, but Buddhism in Vietnam got its own shape. Very strong imprint on Vietnamese Buddhism left Confucianism, Taoism, Vietnamese Animism, which made the distinctive features of religion. It also left an imprint on the entire culture of Vietnam.


Vietnam experienced a lot of wars and disturbances. But none of the troubles was able to break the spirit of the Vietnamese. Today, this country surprises with its fast, intense and powerful development of tourism and in the economic field, as well as in all industrial and commercial sites of the south-east Asia.

If you are looking for tours in Vietnam you have to choose such tours, in which you will visit today’s capital of Vietnam – Hanoi and the former capital city – Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).
Vietnam is for everyone. For fans of unconventional forms of treatment Vietnam will give you knowledge of sorcerers and will teach you to use all the good and rare plants and to prepare infusions from marine life and bird nests.

In the same time the level and quality of service in hotels is quite high. During your stay at the hotel you’ll find a lot of exciting tours, cruises and visits to exotic restaurants.

You can visit a lot of ancient temples, monasteries. There are also many beaches on the coasts of central and southern parts of the country – the best in the whole South China Sea, the resort island of Khaya and Fu-Kouakou, gladden nodivers from any country.

So visit Vietnam and you’ll never regret it!