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The Black Pearl or Montenegro

Breathtaking, gorgeous and intriguing… It’s the fairy land of Montenegro. Incredible natural beauty, interesting historical sights, hospitable people and unique national cuisine make this small Mediterranean country a perfect and absolutely unforgettable traveling destination.

Montenegro is an idyllic paradise of deep lakes and fast rivers, sky reaching mountains and endless shorelines, pristine sandy and pebble beaches, and turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea. Four National Parks represent its virgin nature. Walking, rafting, trekking and hiking are especially popular among tourists happy to explore this amazing European gem.

Though Montenegro is also known as “black mountain” (because of its once dark forests), it boasts over 240 sunny days a year. An almost all-year round feast of olive and fig, lemon and orange, kiwi and other healthy products makes Montenegrin cuisine exquisite.

Situated on the Balkan peninsular, Montenegro is proud of its architecture and history. The labyrinth and fortress of Kotor, the medieval city of Budva and tiny villages attract visitors from all over the world. Kotor, Durmitor Mountain and Tara River are UNESCO protected areas.

Montenegro is well-known as an ecological and one of the cleanest countries. Tourists particularly love its crystal water. So don’t be surprised to see locals and travelers drinking water from city fountains, cooling rivers or mountain lakes.

Get ready for adventure and grandeur of the Black Pearl!