The Black Pearl or Montenegro

Breathtaking, gorgeous and intriguing… It’s the fairy land of Montenegro. Incredible natural beauty, interesting historical sights, hospitable people and unique national cuisine make this small Mediterranean country a perfect and absolutely unforgettable traveling destination.

Montenegro is an idyllic paradise of deep lakes and fast rivers, sky reaching mountains and endless shorelines, pristine sandy and pebble beaches, and turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea. Four National Parks represent its virgin nature. Walking, rafting, trekking and hiking are especially popular among tourists happy to explore this amazing European gem.

Though Montenegro is also known as “black mountain” (because of its once dark forests), it boasts over 240 sunny days a year. An almost all-year round feast of olive and fig, lemon and orange, kiwi and other healthy products makes Montenegrin cuisine exquisite.

Situated on the Balkan peninsular, Montenegro is proud of its architecture and history. The labyrinth and fortress of Kotor, the medieval city of Budva and tiny villages attract visitors from all over the world. Kotor, Durmitor Mountain and Tara River are UNESCO protected areas.

Montenegro is well-known as an ecological and one of the cleanest countries. Tourists particularly love its crystal water. So don’t be surprised to see locals and travelers drinking water from city fountains, cooling rivers or mountain lakes.

Get ready for adventure and grandeur of the Black Pearl!

9 Day 8 Night Borneo Tour

If you have never been to Borneo, the world’s largest island, then this is the perfect package for you! This promotional package covers all the main highlights of Borneo, and serves as an ideal introduction to the wild beauty of this amazing place. There are several tours in the package at the following destinations: Kuching, Bako National Park, Semonggok Wildlife Centre, Lemanak Longhouse, Mulu National Park, Kinabalu Park and Klias River. Extension stays are bookable at special discounted rates.

Borneo tour

The tour of Kuching will take you around what was known as the Kingdom of Sarawak during the first White Rajah’s reign. It includes both modern and historical landmarks, including Chinatown, the city’s Cat Statue (the Malay word for cat is Kuching), and the famous Sarawak Museum. Trace the legacy of the White Rajahs as you view buildings like Fort Margherita and the Astana, their former residence by the river.

The first nature tour takes you to Bako National Park, one of the more unique parks in Malaysia. Although small in area, the park is rich with wildlife, including the bizarre proboscis monkeys, and it is also home to silvered langurs (leaf monkeys) as well as hundreds of different bird species.

The tour to Semonggok Wildlife Centre will take you face to face with semi-wild orang utans that were rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the surrounding forest reserve. They roam freely in the rain forest, and often return to the centre at feeding time.

The journey to Lemanak Longhouse is an experience itself, a trip through lush green countryside dotted with padi fields, pepper gardens and rubber plantations, and flanked by rugged jungle-clad mountains. A river ride awaits to take you up into Iban territory to Lemanak Longhouse, the traditional home of the Iban tribe.
Mulu National Park is the site of the world famous Mulu Caves. During your time there you will explore Mulu’s cave network and marvel at the aerobatic display of bats that dwell there.

The Kinabalu Park tour is a unique look at one of the most nodiverse ecosystems in the world. Located on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a combination of temperate forests on its higher elevation and dipterocarp rainforests in its lowlands.

The Klias River tour is a river cruise that features monkeys, lots and lots of monkeys. Be sure to be on the lookout for the elusive Proboscis monkey, mischievous macaques and myriad species of birds that inhabit this unique riverine environment. Marvel at the true beauty of Klias when the fireflies light up the night sky.


Distance: 12 Kms (30 minutes by car)
Meals: None
Arrival at Kuching airport and transfer to hotel.
Meet & greet by our driver and proceed for a short Kuching Orientation Tour.

Distance: 50 kms (8 hours by car/boat)
Meals: (Breakfast / Lunch)
Breakfast at hotel followed by the Bako National Park tour. Bako National Park may be small, but it holds a treasure trove of natural wonders.

Distance: 225 kms (5 hours by car)
Meals: (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Breakfast at hotel.
The day begins with the Semonggok Wildlife Centre tour in the morning. Meet Borneo’s most beloved inhabitant, the Orang Utan!
The second half of the day is dedicated to the Lemanak Longhouse tour, which is deep in traditional Iban territory. Learn the culture of a people who have lived here for centuries.

Distance: 225 kms (5 hours by car)
Meals: (Breakfast / Lunch)
Breakfast at longhouse followed by the return trip to Kuching. Lunch will be served en route.

Distance: 12 kms (30 minutes by car) to airport and (1.35 hour flight)
Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch
Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to Kuching airport for your flight to Mulu
The afternoon is dedicated to a trek to some of Mulu’s astonishing caves and the exodus of bats from the caves in the evening.

Distance: (50 minutes flight to Kota Kinabalu) and 15 kms to Kota Kinabalu Hotel
(30 minutes by car)
Meals: Breakfast
Breakfast at resort
A morning boat ride will bring you to two more caves in Mulu before you head to Kota Kinabalu in the afternoon. Your arrival at Kota Kinabalu will be greeted by our local representative and followed by your transfer to your hotel.

Distance: 130 kms (2 hours by car)
Meals: (Breakfast / Lunch)
Breakfast at hotel.
The Kinabalu Park tour begins in the morning and will allow you to explore the natural wonders of Sabah till the evening. Highlights include treks through the rainforests and visits to the park’s gardens. Lunch will be served at Kinabalu Park.

Distance: 115 kms (2.5-3 hours by car to Klias)
Meals: (Breakfast / Dinner)
Breakfast at hotel, followed by a morning at leisure.
Embark on the Klias wetland tour in the afternoon and enjoy a village-style dinner at the end of the tour before returning to the hotel for the night.

Distance: 12 Kms (30 mins hour by car)
Meals: Breakfast at hotel
Free at leisure until your departure transfer to Kota Kinabalu International airport.


SIC refers as Seat-in-Coach (Join basis), which is a group size of minimum 2 persons

Minor changes to the itinerary are sometimes necessary, we will endeavour to minimise these changes, which are at times out of our control.

All prices are subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances such as but not limited to increase in government taxes etc.
Van and boat transfers in MULU are based on Seat-in-coach (SIC) only. Tours inside the park are based on private guide (private tour only)

All boat services are on combine basis.

Overnight at the Longhouse is dormitory style guest house with basic amenities and shared bathroom (No air-condition and No private room for innodividuals). The accommodation is built by the Longhouse people to help supplement their income for their livelihood and children education.