Mauritius All Year Around

If someone asks, what is Paradise, immediately there is an image of summer landscape with clean sea, sandy beach, the sun and the clear air, overwhelmed with feelings of harmony and happiness.

It is the Paradise you can compare holiday in Mauritius. Island location turns this place into a beach with magnificent nature and pure coast. Despite the remoteness of continents, Mauritius is quite well-developed center of tourist rest. Here, apart from the well organized beach area, there are a lot of institutions, whose purpose is the organization of maximum comfort for visitors. Mauritius does not accidentally pays tourism so much attention, because this kind of business brings considerable profit to the state, and of its stability depends on the budget of the country.


If the closest holiday is scheduled for Mauritius island – the prices for permits and the level of maintenance of quality is not inferior to the Bahamas. All of the same high-class hotel rooms, the same kind and attentive staff, and the same system «all inclusive» will allow tourists do not think about anything, except relax and infinite delight mild climate of Mauritius.

Located South of the equator, the island of Mauritius year round ready to host many vacationers, because summer is here never would end. His main tourist area is located in the North of the country and is Grand Bay. Very quickly this small village, inhabited by fishermen, has turned into a world center of tourism. For a short period there have grown modern hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants. Specially trained personnel of the institutions courteous and smiling, from the feeling of complete comfort does not leave holidaymakers.

In the East of Mauritius more windy, but here are the most beautiful beaches and magnificent hotels. The guest will always have the opportunity to enjoy various kinds of sports: sailing, Hiking, nodiving, water skiing.

The West of Mauritius, is it the most warm and dry place. Bizarre nature, accentuated the beauty of the mountain ridge, will be unforgettable for all the guests in these places.

The southern part of the island has not quite mastered from the point of view of tourism. There are not so many hotels and hotels, however, the beauty of local nature, still attracts holidaymakers.

Port Louis is the capital of the Republic, is very small but charming town, situated at the foot of the mountains. Come here numerous trade court, and here fall fate of the entire state, whose size is barely comparable with the size of an average European city.

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